Medieval Lite App Reviews

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Great Game

This is a great game. I can not believe it is available free.


This is a great game! I met the project manager for this game on the subway by chance and he told me to try the game. Its by far on of the best free games out there. Thanks Brisk Mobile! theyre from Toronto!!


This game is really bad, irs way too short and its slow


This game is awesome. The new mode is cool.


Wow, what a great game...and it really is designed for the Ipod/iphone. Its nice they give you a free version. I have recommended this game to a number of people and having a free version lets the try it out without paying for it. Keep it coming....wouldnt mind some additional free levels though.

To short

Medieval lite was good but in my opinion was tos short. It made me buy the full version.

come on people

in case you havent noticed, the whole point of the lite version is to make you buy the full version.if they made it any longer then itd be too fun and then how is Brisk mobile supposed to make any money? at least they dont charge for the lite version like they do for payback. so stop complaining and buy the full version

Great Game

Great game! And though I wanted to continue with more levels, I totally understand that this was just a taste of the full version. I had so much fun with this that Im going to get the full version. Great graphics.

Ewes its too short!!

Internet people make me laugh!

Omg way too short

Y dont u make it longer?

Bug issue

The gold from the pierce arrow doesnt accumulate.

The ausome game

I lov this game when you are boared it is fun to play

Great Game!!! Buy Full Version!

Really fun game. Fun and challenging. Lite version made me want to get the full version :)


How are you supposed to play this game?

Boring and lame

One of the worst games I ever got. I fell asleep playing it. Dont waste our time.


Its ok but half the time my bow just didnt work and I lost bc I couldnt attack or make money. Frustrating due to game failure.

Wouldnt buy it

The bow mechanic is not satisfying. Its a good concept overall, but fails to keep me engaged. Its boring shooting arrows. I appreciate the free version; now I know not to pay for it.

Eh dont buy the $.99 version

Only fun 4 2 min then gets boring and takes a long time to get used to the controls

Dont get this game

I hate this game its pointless

Please fix cheat ASAP

the two nu backrounds r great & the hide buttons is a good idea. BUT PLEASE FIX THE QUIK AMMO REFILL ASAP! it ruins the game!

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